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3 Easy Steps to Develop A Successful Brand Strategy


Chances are if you’re into an entrepreneurship running a business marketing other manufacturers’ products or your own personal branding, you’d have a business plan worked out. Other than the traditional elements that go into it, a sound branding strategy must be clearly mapped out in the plan as well. This is after all, the blueprint that will lay down what strategically the role your brand will play throughout the company and its market.

Essentially, a good branding strategy is about deciding on two or three important qualities of your product or service, describing your company’s ultimate purpose and defining the people you are targeting.

Working Out A Branding Strategy That Leads To Success.

In case you haven’t worked out anything like this in your business plan, or even if you have, but have doubts about some of its aspects, the 3 simple guidelines that follow should help you get a better grasp of it, which hopefully leads to your...

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7 Tips You Can Learn From Working With Uber


UBER...This giant, taxi-inspired, private transport company has a unique business scheme that allows for any man or woman with some entrepreneurial sense to be employed on their own time and sometimes on their own terms. At any given time, UBER has in its employ a good number of ex-startup businessmen and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the lessons they’ve picked up:

1. Stay focused.  One ex-CEO says, running a small business is a lot easier than working at Uber. You find yourself busy all the time and can easily get caught up in the day and night activities. But he’s learned how to stay focused and manage his time better.


2. Be aggressive. If you’re seen as being successful, a lot of other people will be trying to do the same thing you’re doing. What will spell the difference and your staying ahead will be dependent on how fast you move, how big you bet and how relentlessly you pursue your company branding or your personal brand, or...

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