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Doctor Turned Entrepreneur | The Mindset of an Entrepreneur and What it Takes to Build an Online Business | A Conversation with Dr Paul Ciurysek


My next guest is Paul Ciurysek, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur who went from crippling six-figure medical school debt to selling his first company for seven figures. In 2009, after being unable to find a job in medicine, Paul started tutoring medical students for their medical licensing exams. After recognizing the huge potential of this business model, Paul began leveraging his tutoring services with the power of the internet and within a few short years built a company earning seven figures and was able to pay off his medical school loan debts in full.  After selling his first company in mid-2019, Paul is now starting a new venture in the same industry and is excited to share all of his trials, tribulations, and lessons with you here today.

Connect with Dr. Paul:

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Be Kind



In this episode, Del talks about a few lessons learned over the years by working with the homeless.  In the end, it's all about being kind to others regardless of any outcome expected.  


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Let's Talk About The Elephant in the Gym | A Conversation with Gillian Gertzen


I have Gillian Gertzen, the author of The Elephant in the Gym discussing health, fitness, and body image while combining that with practical strategies for healthy eating and physical activity that work for people just like us!

She really gives some gems in this podcast such as habit layering and habit pairing….You don't want to miss this!

About Our Guest:

Our guest today on the Upgrade Your Life podcast is Gillean Goerzen.

Gillian is an author, speaker, an engaging coach, and a powerful body-positive fitness advocate.

She has a strong and engaging voice and a powerful presence with an education backed philosophy that is relatable and realistic!

Gillian’s newly released book The Elephant in the Gym is being called “the whistleblower the industry needs.”

Most recently her work has been featured in FitLifeBC, Weight Watchers Canada Blog, Thrive Global and Opp Loans.

You can find out more about Gillian at

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Meditation | Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout


In this episode, Del gives you his method for reducing stress and burnout by using meditation.  

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Nootropics and Peak Performance | A Conversation with Jeffrey Howard of Mastermind Nootropics


In this episode, we discuss Nootropics!  Have you ever wondered what supplements athletes or high performers use? In this episode we talk about Nootropics, what they are, what to watch out for, some myths around nootropics, and ways to help improve our brainpower. 

About Our Guest:

Jeffrey Howard is a Serial Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach, Bio/NeuroHacker, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Musician, and Producer.

Since 2000, Jeff has been CEO and Chief Visioneering Officer of MasterMind Mentor International, specializing in personal development, business training, and peak performance coaching.

He has been fortunate to have lived a Renaissance Man styled life as a rock musician, singer and songwriter, music producer, author, speaker, photographer, entrepreneur, business coach and researcher/practitioner of all things relating to human potential and peak performance, which led to a deep dive into becoming a biohacker and neurohacker (experimenting...

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How Many Mentors Should You Have?

If you have been following my work, then you know how important mentors are to success. You have probably heard the phrase, “its not what you know, but who.” I think there is a lot of truth to that statement. I also think if you are trying to live your best life you need to embrace both. Make sure you know your stuff and learn from people that can help you.

Our first mentors are almost always our parents or whomever filled that role. The impact of caring and attentive parents or guardians is overwhelmingly positive. Is there a better example that illustrates the importance of mentors? Many of the high achievers of the world came from single parent households, but I would argue that few of them had no parental figures in their developing years. Even fewer of them remained without a mentor in their adult life.

But isn’t independence the whole point of being a ‘functioning adult?’ I would argue that ‘functioning’ has a flexible definition and...

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