Morning Routines That’ll Help You Become Successful

It’s not proverbial. It’s a fact. Lots of people wake up in the morning dismayed over the idea that they’ve got 1001 things to do and don’t know where to start. They’re like kids waking up in a giant candy factory overwhelmed with 1001 delicious confections they don’t know which to pick out and savor first. The big difference is that the results, unlike with the children, won’t be pleasantly and delightfully sweet but rather disastrously bitter and possibly stressful.


So, what do you do? What’s the magic formula for a good morning routine that’ll get you waking up with more energy, better prepared for the day and in full control of your goals?


There is no magic. There is no Aladdin’s lamp you can rub and have its Genie do the work for you. What there is, is a set of practical do-it-yourself guidelines that will prove to be pretty helpful in establishing a daily routine to get you managing your tasks-filled day smoothly and stress-free like an expert hang glider. And hey, make no mistake about these! These tips were culled from the morning routines of internationally famous sports and entertainment celebrities, highly-successful entrepreneurs, big company CEO’s and smart, insanely ambitious, at-the-top-of-the-corporate-ladder, young men and women executives. See for yourself the practical sense in them:

  • Work out a to-do list the night before. Nothing fancy. Just clear, simple and specific things that need to be accomplished for the day. Set your priorities and do them first. Sometimes the hours have a way of escaping and bolting out without you noticing, so this ensures you accomplish the more important, more urgent tasks.


  • Get energized the moment you wake up. Start getting into whatever sports you’re into – basketball or tennis – or, do some push-ups, run around the block … anything that will get your endorphins up. Then shower and have a hearty 3-egg-and-bacon breakfast (protein helps gas-up your concentration and gets you better prepared to face the day’s challenges.


  • Shy away from coffee. Instead, get into the habit of drinking a calming beverage like green tea. You may not be aware of it, but green tea has been found to have both physical and mental benefits because of its detoxifying properties. Further, it’s been known to lower blood pressure, tone down the production of stress hormones and helps the body to rehydrate.


  • In lieu of any sports your arthritic legs might violently object to, practice deep breathing. This is a quick habit that takes less than five minutes to get done. If you’re residing in the outskirts of the city (or even if you’re not), simply grab a pillow, place it on the floor, preferably near a window where there’s some fresh air and start this deep breathing routine. Inhale slowly till your lungs are filled, hold it for a couple of seconds, then exhale slowly. As you do so, envision exhaling all your negative emotions.


  • Practice positive thinking. After waking up, have at least fifteen minutes of peaceful solitude with no distractions, no interruptions. Think positive. Think beautiful things. Shoo away whatever negative feelings that may intrude. Sort of psych yourself up. Stop thinking your boss is Marquis de Sade. Think instead he might have some latent virtues similar to Mother Theresa. Seriously, this positive thinking can cultivate some immense power and energy in your mind and get you going through the day with a passion that’ll put NBA Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James to shame.


You know why it’s important that you have a morning routine? Because people are known to be most productive when they wake up in the morning. And when they’ve got this good routine. that level of productivity is maintained for longer periods of time.


When you’re following a system first thing in the morning (we’re not talking about your take-a-pee, brush-your-teeth bathroom routine. That doesn’t count.), it simply means you will have more time to reflect in a quiet environment. It also enables you to be better organized and prepared to tackle the hassles of a busy day.


So, start trying out two or three (or even just one) of these tried and tested morning routines of people who are so successful they don’t only have a million bucks, they feel like a million bucks!


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