Leadership for Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurship comes leadership. It’s not something that you can avoid, not even if you’re an introvert or a shy person.

An entrepreneur is someone who decided to take control of their life. That right there is one of the leadership qualities they have—leading themselves first.

As you brand yourself and become an influencer, or as your blog grows, or as you become a successful CEO, eyes start following your every move. (Just look at Gary Vaynerchuk or Ariana Huffington.)

You’re a bit of a celebrity, and when people know who you are, it’s your job to be a role model to inspire others through different leadership styles. Whether the people you’re inspiring are rabid fans or your employees, it’s important that you know how to “manage” both.


Leadership of Employees & Management

If you’re reading this, you’re already on the right path. You want to be a boss that everyone takes seriously enough to actually get good work done. Plus, you want to avoid having your employees going back home to their spouses and complaining about how they hate you.

Some of the leadership qualities that good leaders have include empowering, teaching, training, and motivating.

Having great management skills means that overall, you’re able to get your employees to work and do the best, not only for you, but for themselves. You motivate your employees by giving rewards (even just acknowledging others counts) because this makes them want to be better.

When someone doesn’t get noticed, they feel replaceable, so they don’t give anything their best effort. However, when you recognize, people feel empowered. Rewarding people for small steps of progress is a key part to your success, according to Jim Rohn in his book, “Philosophy for Successful Living.”

There are many leadership styles out there, but one of the best ways to motivate employees is to have goals that everyone can work toward achieving. A good leader leads their people toward something that will push them to work smarter, and as a whole.

Your employees need to know what their lives will be like in a year or even five years from now if they keep up the good work.

What happens if an employee fails? Do you yell, get angry, or fire them? Of course not! You go over what happened, figure out the mistake, learn from it, and move on to try something new. You may even need to train or teach something again. Just keep in mind that all of these little "inconveniences" make room to grow, and get you one step closer to your goal.

This is what good management means.



Leadership of Rabid Fans

The leadership qualities needed for your fans and followers don’t vary much from the employees. The only change in leadership styles is that you can’t manage your fans. You can't tell them what to do.

Just like employees, you have to inspire your fans. This is the reason we all have role models! Our role models make us want to be better people, and they encourage us to go after what we love.

The best quality of a leader is pushing someone to follow their dreams. Someone who can motivate a person to do what they love despite being afraid. A good leader encourages people to take action, like asking someone out or starting their own business.

The leadership qualities that people look for in someone is trustworthy, inspiring, and selfless.

In summary, great entrepreneurs not only make a good life for themselves, but also help others create a good life for themselves.

You need to be open, honest, vulnerable, and most importantly, you need to be yourself. Maybe this sounds cheesy, but take a look at the greatest entrepreneurs out there, and they all share these qualities. All of them.

They treat everyone with respect, and they’re just good people. As an entrepreneur whose (hopefully) trying to change the world, you can be a great leader, too.