How to Have a Growth Mindset



How can you become more motivated and reach higher levels of achievement? In this video, we answer that question...


How do successful people start there day? In this video, I give you 2 steps on how you too can have a more productive morning… So how do successful people start there day?

Well it’s being strategic with their morning. If you want to have a productive day, it all starts with a productive morning. So how do you accomplish this? Well the first thing for a productive morning is to Start the Night before. Create your ToDo list for the next day…the night before. Plan out your day’s schedule…the night before. Plan out your meetings, plan on your drive times..The Night before… Frankly, if you don’t run your day, you day will end up running you. So Start the Night Before…

The second key to a successful morning is a planned 2 hour Morning Routine…Create a routine that you will use everyday. Block off 2 hours of time in your morning where you accomplish something that is most important to you. If your saying you don’t have 2 hours, then start your day a little earlier. For me, my 2 hour routine looks like this: Wake Up, Exercise, Eat a Healthy Breakfast, Read a good book, Meditate, Write some articles, spend time with the ones I love. That’s my routine.

I want to challenge you to sit down, and plan out your 2 hours Morning Routine, and start planning your day the night before.


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