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Good Time Management Will Help You Reach Your Full Potential

“Time is money.” That’s been said often enough. In fact, it’s probably become an over-used cliché. But, it’s essentially true. Time IS valuable. When it’s gone it’s gone. It doesn’t come back like the prodigal son.  Not that time, in absolute terms spells money. Time is a continually passing thing.. That doesn’t mean you’d be continually generating dollars or Euros. What it really boils down to is how well you manage your time and what smart things you do with it. Particularly for an entrepreneur or just about anybody who’s ambitious enough to work at achieving his/her full potential, time management is important, because …


  • Time is limited. We all get twenty four hours each day. No one gets twenty five, so if we ever want to be a cut above the rest and stand out from the herd at our workplaces or anywhere else, we need to make the most of our time.


  • When you manage your time well, you’ll be able to accomplish more with less effort. Look at it this way .. being in control of your time enables you to stay focused on the task at hand. You won’t lose your momentum, ergo … you raise your efficiency level.


  • Time managed well allows you to make better decisions. When you’re pressed for time and need to make an important decision …  Should you go along with your wife and have your mother-in-law stay in your home for two whole weeks? … you’d most likely decide irrationally or jump into conclusions not appreciating some of the other options. If it’s a decision involving your lifetime savings, hey, hold your horses!  You’ve got to have some time to think seriously about it.


  • With good time management, you’d have a more relaxed, less stressful life. You experience stress and anxiety as a result of feeling rushed and under pressure. If you’re in control of your time, you’d know how much time you’ve got and how long it would take to accomplish a certain task. You’d have more free time, more breathing room. You won’t have to feel like you’re walking on eggs.


  • It’ll make you healthier. Sure, you’ve heard frequently the ,,, I’ve-got-too-much-to-do-and-not-enough-time-to-go-to-the-gym routine from acquaintances, friends and office colleagues. Well … don’t be surprised if you look again and find one or two of these guys aren’t around anymore … and I don’t mean because they’re in some far-away island paradise with a sexy, beautiful Hollywood starlet. Some health problems caused or made worse by stress resulting from poor time management are heart disease, insomnia, depression, obesity and other weird-sounding conditions that’ll give you a headache just learning how to pronounce them.


  • Time management leads to a better disciplined life. Once you’ve learned how to control and allocate your time wisely, it will rid you of The Manana Habit” that procrastination-laden trap, that never-ending, I’ll-do-it-tomorrow mind frame, and get you into taking action today.


  • You’ll learn more with your time well-managed. It’s a no brainer. When you’re in control of your time, expect good, efficient work. It’ll free up some time to learn more and increase your experience faster. If you could apply terrific time management throughout your entire career, you’d be making out like those smart, nerdy students who graduate earlier and ahead of their class. Not only will you stand out, you’ll be able to move up on the ladder of success several steps sooner.

You’ve got to understand and appreciate the importance of time management. It’s a sure-fire help that’ll make you more engaged, more productive at your job and provide you with more personal time for things and people you value outside the workplace. And, with a newly-developed, exercise-tinged lifestyle, hey .. you’ll lead a healthier, more balanced and happier life!


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