Let's Talk About The Elephant in the Gym | A Conversation with Gillian Gertzen


I have Gillian Gertzen, the author of The Elephant in the Gym discussing health, fitness, and body image while combining that with practical strategies for healthy eating and physical activity that work for people just like us!

She really gives some gems in this podcast such as habit layering and habit pairing….You don't want to miss this!

About Our Guest:

Our guest today on the Upgrade Your Life podcast is Gillean Goerzen.

Gillian is an author, speaker, an engaging coach, and a powerful body-positive fitness advocate.

She has a strong and engaging voice and a powerful presence with an education backed philosophy that is relatable and realistic!

Gillian’s newly released book The Elephant in the Gym is being called “the whistleblower the industry needs.”

Most recently her work has been featured in FitLifeBC, Weight Watchers Canada Blog, Thrive Global and Opp Loans.

You can find out more about Gillian at

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