Eight Core Values for High Achievers

When I was in my early twenties, I felt overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed with what has been called the “Decade of Decisions” because of all the important decisions you have to make in one decade that will impact the rest of your life.  Decisions like, where do I go to school?  Who do I want to become?  Will I get married?  Who will I marry?  Where should I live?  How do I become the person that I want to become? How do I succeed in life?  How do I become a high performer?

With questions like that looming over my head, I turned to reading, studying, and looking for mentors along the way.  After fifteen years of being a student and a practitioner of personal development, I have identified Eight Core Values for High Achievers. 

I have also included a link for a free worksheet that coincides with the Eight Core Values for High Achievers. 

You can download the free worksheet called the “Full Potential Formula” here:

How well do you know your strengths and weaknesses?  Understanding what you are good at and what you are bad at are essential in becoming the best version of yourself. 

You can’t excel at everything, but you can be EXTREMELY GOOD at something.  Maybe it’s one thing.  Maybe it’s a few things, but I’d encourage you to recognize what your strengths are and double down on your strengths.  (Make sure you download the Full Potential Formula because it will help you identify your strengths).

Core Value:  MINDSET
What is your level of positivity?  Mindset is a crucial part in becoming a success.  I have never met a very successful person with a negative attitude.  Learning how to control your thoughts is essential for a successful person.  Learning how to channel your thoughts and not being reactive to circumstances is critical for high performers. 

Do you take time everyday to improve your education such as reading, listening to audiobooks, taking seminars live or online?  If I were to look at your calendar, would I see a pattern of intentional education?  If so, then I commend you for it.  High performers are always learning.  And I mean, always! 

A few years ago, I attended a Berkshire-Hathaway share holder’s meeting led by Warren Buffet.  It was me and about 10,000 other shareholders.  Warren Buffet, who was in his 80’s, spoke of what he was learning at the moment.  He was learning about the technology sector.  Usually technology and old men don’t really go together, but he recognized a weakness and started intentionally reading on this sector to better his understanding. 

Do you have good habits such as scheduled times for learning, exercising, and spending time with family?  Routines mold us for good and bad.  Morning routines can help shape the day, but making sure they are good routines is a critical aspect to this. 

You can have a routine of watching TV in the morning while eating sugary cereal or you can have a routine of exercising while listening to an audiobook.  Which one do you think will yield the greatest results?

Are you intentional about increasing your influence with those that are around you?  You do not need a title to be a leader, but you do have to be influential to be a leader.  Another perspective of leadership is to replace the word “leader” with “influencer.”  Some people may have a title, but that title doesn’t always influence those around them. 

Picture and imagine you are at work, in the conference room.  Your manager has proposed a question to all those in attendance.  Where do the eyes turn for answers?  Do they go to the boss or do they go to someone else?  The “someone else” may not be the boss or have a title, but they may have influence over those around them because of the value they bring to the group.  Strive to be that person that brings values to others.

Core Value:  HEALTH
Do you exercise your body and take care of your mental health on a daily basis?  Health is wealth.  If you don’t have your health, then really all of the other Eight Core Values for High Achievers crumble. 

Taking care of your body is a high priority for high achievers and you must not neglect this important area of your life.  You must eat right and fuel your body with the best nutrients.  You need to exercise and relieve every day stress.  Make sure this is a part of your daily routine to exercise and eat right. 

Do you strive to make great impressions with those you meet and deliver value to those around you?  Everyone has a brand whether they know it or not.  This is how people perceive you and perception is reality.  You need to take stock of how people would explain what you do and how you act.  If you were to Google yourself or look at the pictures on your Facebook page, would your mom be proud or embarrassed?  I think that is a good rule of thumb to help guide you in your personal brand.

Core Value:  LEGACY
Do you live your life as an example to those around you?  One day, you will not be around but your legacy will live on.  Those that are striving to reach their full potential are not only doing achieving great things for themselves, but they want to set an example to their friends and family around them.  People try and leave a legacy in many different ways and each way may be special to you, but you should think about your long term decisions because that will impact the legacy that you leave behind.

I know as you use these Eight Core Values for High Achievers, it will help guide you in the decisions you make for becoming the best version of yourself.  Again, I have included a free download to help walk you through these Eight Core Values for High Achievers.  It will take you about 15 minutes to complete, and could be one of the best exercises that you do for yourself all year. 

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