How to Block Out the Haters: Be an Elephant


There is an old Indian proverb that states, “The elephant keeps walking as the dogs keep barking.” 

I want to illustrate this a little further.  Picture and imagine you are in an old village in India.  You look out of your home and you notice an elephant walking down the street.  Just as you notice the elephant, so does your dog and all the neighborhood dogs for that matter.  All the dogs run out and start yapping at this gigantic gray elephant.  As the elephant keeps walking through the village, the dogs bark, and chase the elephant.  The elephant doesn’t mind.  Why?  Because he’s an elephant.  He is bigger than the dogs.  He continues about his business pushing forward through the village.  He just keeps walking.

This is a lot like life.  Whenever you are about to do something new.  Whenever you are about to go for an audacious goal.  Whenever success might be coming to you.  Whenever you have a vision…The dogs will come out to bark.  They will yap.  They will follow you.  They will always be there.  Be an elephant.  Just keep walking.

Sometimes the dogs can be your business associates.  Sometimes they can be close friends.  Sometimes they can be a family member that comes out of the woodwork to tell you how to live your life when you haven’t seen them in years.  Whoever and whatever these dogs do…Be an elephant.  Just keep walking.

Just like the elephant, you have a path.  You have a destination.  You have a vision of where you want to go.  As you walk, the dogs will surely come out.  Not just one dog, but multiple dogs.  You will have to deal with many of these yapping little creatures but remember you are bigger than the dogs. 


Be an elephant.  Just keep walking. 

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