10 Best Social Media Tips that You Will Ever Read

If you've just decided to get on the Internet or you want to improve existing presence on your social media accounts, there are some universal tips that that can help you. Even though every Internet presence and every company are unique, the goals can be very similar and they often include greater brand visibility or better communication with the market itself.

Having your own marketing is necessary nowadays for every brand, company or organization, but it is also very important for individuals to have their own. Personal marketing that uses standard marketing principles can help you to easily achieve the goals you have chosen for yourself. That is a powerful thing and it can improve not only your business but your whole life.

To achieve any of your goals you need quality plans and successful execution of the planned actions. As simple as that! While making these plans make sure that you pay attention to the following tips and tricks to improve your Internet presence.



Tips for Successful Internet Marketing Campaign:

1.  Understand the Platform Where You Perform
Each social network has its own niche. For example, Facebook keeps its customers close to your friends and family. Twitter is suited to those interesting short and concise content. Instagram is all about visual sharing, so everybody's main intention is to share and find only the best photos and videos. On the other hand Google+, LinkedIn and other professional social networks are more into business and networking.

Many marketers are persistently making the same mistake. They create and publish one exactly the same content on different social networks, thinking that is only important to increase the number of people who will see that content. That might seem to you like the right decision, however, if you do not want to achieve the opposite effect than expected, do not do this. Please!

For example, you can publish your case study or some statistical data related to your business on LinkedIn, while on Facebook you should publish an interesting photo that is related to your company or product. Or it does not have to be related to your business at all, literally, anything is better than posting the same thing on different platforms.

This way you can learn to adapt to the network itself and you will be more acceptable to the users of the platform. This move will significantly reduce the chances that your consumers unfollow your accounts on different social networks because you are displaying what they do not want to see on a particular social network.


2. Choose the Right Network
This is not only about which network should you choose for your marketing, but also the number of networks on which you plan to perform. Although you probably think that more is always better, you have to bear in mind that the more you perform on the network at once, you will have less attention and time for each of them individually.

Of course, we should not forget the fact that the market and the popularity of social networks are constantly changing, which means that if a promotion at the certain time on a single network was more successful than on the another one, it does not necessarily mean that it will happen in the future as well.

Therefore, in addition to a choice of the social network that suits the best to your performance and your audience, you need to pay attention to how much is the network currently being visited and popular. Keep in mind that by selecting the right network at the right time, you can significantly increase the number of views of your Internet content and therefore increase sales or reach any other goal that you set earlier.

As in any marketing, it is important to know which channels you use for advertising. Knowing the right place for your content will provide you a variety of channels to connect with people who can help you in achieving your goal.


3.  Spend Wisely
Even though posts on social networks are completely free, it does not mean that you will not spend money on your Internet marketing campaign and other resources. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself where your money goes to and how to bring the greatest benefits by spending it.

You can always pay for the promotion of your post, page or website on social networks to make sure that as many as possible people see the ad, or perhaps to buy followers or someone else's pages where you can offer your products. But, is that wisely spent money?

A lot smarter is, for example, to pay community managers (experts who maintain social networks) to improve your Internet performance. That will probably sacrifice the number of people who will see your posts, but you will significantly improve connectivity with potential customers and raise brand awareness. Doing it this way it can be several times more cost-effective in the long run.


4.  Act as a Person
One of the biggest advantages of social networking is the opportunity not only to transfer the message to your followers but also to interact with them. With a little effort, you can create a friendly relationship with your audience. That is how you'll easily improve the way that people look at you and your brand.

How to achieve this?

Simply act like a person, not as a marketing robot. Try to become friends with your audience, not just to sell them something. If you plan only to post pictures of your products or service, people will avoid it, and eventually, they will stop paying attention to your work on the Internet. But if you find time to listen to the people who follow you, answer their questions and solve their problems, they will start to thinking about you as a kind friend.


5.  Define Your Goals
Marketing can help you reach different types of goals. To begin this process, choose one that is the most important to you. Some of the personal marketing goals may be for example: Improve your mental, physical or spiritual condition, improve your relationships with other people, find a better job, or become better at whatever you are doing for living etc.

Still can’t make a decision? Here's how to do it quickly. Close your eyes and ask yourself: "If I won the lottery, I would ___________." Your first answer to this question will give you an idea of where to start changing your life. When you select a target, go to a next step.


6.  Explore Your Target Market
Find out what encourages you to succeed. This is the moment when you need to remove "should" - things that should motivate you - and leave only what honestly and truly moves you forward. What do you care about? What are your biggest problems? What are you afraid of? What do you like? What and who has a strong influence on you? What do you see as the advantages when it comes to goal achievements? What are your obstacles? Write down your answers!


7.  Decide How to Position Your Changes
Based on what you learned in the previous two steps, select a strategy for positioning your goal. For example, exercise can be presented as fun, as something that makes you more attractive and provides better health.

It's the same with business objectives. It is important to decide which approach will be the best to go with. Choose one approach and follow it consistently in all your marketing efforts.


8.  Find a Picture of Your Target
If possible, try to imagine how does your average client/consumer look like. This will encourage your mind to set that image into reality. Design a series of images that represent the process of ideas and techniques that will help you to create an ideal picture. Think like your average consumer!

What does he like to see? What kind of books does he read? What is the best time to post something if you want him to see? What time does he usually come back from work? 


9.  Write a Slogan
This step is optional, but it is very efficient. Write a slogan for your ad that includes positioning that you specified in one of the previous tips. This will help you to find the best way to introduce your brand or service.


10.  Design Your Ad
Take a picture of the ideal self or product and use the slogan that you came up with for the advertisement. This advertisement doesn’t have to be literally a poster or a video of your product/yourself. It can also be creatively designed CV or portfolio, depending on what your goal is.

Think about what to highlight and what are your greatest strengths. It is also very important to be focused on your target. Who are the people who need to see this commercial? What is the thing that will attract people's attention, how do you keep them curious?

Once you have your "advertisement" placed, check if there is something to adjust. Look at your results. Keep track of how many people have checked your profile on LinkedIn, read your blog, visited your website, and pay attention to reactions to something that you posted on social networks. All this information can give you a clear picture of whether you are on the right path, or maybe you should try to use a different approach. 

And what is the most important, each plan, and especially the one related to Internet marketing is very subject to change. If you are not satisfied with the results, simply change your approach!



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